Hi Babes!

The Birds and Bees is a fashion + lifestyle blog, created by two besties who can’t get enough of everything awesome – we are Brett and Kaeli! Our love of fashion, food, travel and design is what has kept us so close over the past 14 years. And whats more than that, it has taken us on some pretty amazing adventures along the way!

It was about a year ago that we decided to take our obsessions one step further and start sharing our likes with the world. We initially started B+B as an Instagram account – @the.birdsandbeesblog. We did this in hopes of building an audience and awareness of what we want to convey to the world. Our vision has changed a few times over the past year, but we have always agreed that fashion was going to be our main focus. So after a lot of late nights, phone calls and vision boards, we are so excited to announce that we will be offering a styling service with an array of different packages. We are hoping to help women feel confident enough to be able to express themselves through their style. Many ladies are terrified to wear what they want in fear of what others may think or say. We are here to tell you … Darling, Just Own It! Go on and wear the red felt hat and your new beautiful leopard print shoes. As a team – we are here to support you and help you feel confident in your wardrobe. Together, the three of us make a trio – a trio that is gonna kick some fashion butt and help you see just how amazing you are in a wardrobe you never thought possible. Let us help you find your style. All the details can be found under the SERVICE tab on our home page.

Darling, Just Own It

So now that you’ve gotten this far – we might as well introduce ourselves a bit. My name is Brett (the Bee) and I live in Red Deer, Alberta with my husband of 2 years. I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree and now my full time job is a Medical Equipments Sales Rep. We just built our first house and we are in the process of turning it into a beautiful home – I often try to get you involved in our progress for decor and renovations on our Instagram page. I am always on the hunt for the next best recipe, I am obsessed with jackets and leopard print fashion and I have a small addiction to house plants.

My name is Kaeli (the Bird) and I live in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan with my family of 3. I am a Kitchen & Bath Designer during the day and a sports Mom by night. My family and I are in the midst of planning a total home renovation. My first project was my wardrobe room. You can follow along on our Instagram page as I near completion. In order to keep up to my very active 10 year old daughter, health and fitness play a big role in my life. When it comes to fashion – my favourite way to accessorize and complete my look, is with one of my many hats. Some call it an obsession, I call it a collection. Don’t worry, they all spark JOY!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our blog. We hope to build an amazing relationship with all of our followers and readers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you. If you haven’t already…check out our Instagram – @the.birdsandbees. Next week check back with us for Our Top 10 Gifts for your Valentine under $100.


-Brett & Kaeli