Top 10 Gifts Under $100 for your Valentine

It’s the month of love – and that means it’s time to shower our special someone with our love and attention – terms of endearment, affection, and gifts.

If you plan to get your significant other a gift but haven’t figured out what it is yet – we are here to help! We have done all the research, and here are our Top 10 recommended gifts for $100 or less for your Valentine.

1. The Great Escape

We all know men love a great flick. Enjoy a night out for $29.99 when you purchase your Great Escape Cineplex Pass (purchased at Costco) you’ll receive 2 Adult Movie Admissions, 2 Regular Popcorn and 2 Regular Soft Drinks. And you still have $70 in your budget to spoil your date. Unless you have made a reservation at a restaurant for your Valentine’s Dinner – this is the next best thing. Another great new offer for movie night is you can now reserve seats for an additional $1.99 so that you don’t have to worry about getting to your seat on time. Which makes its ok to be fashionably late and we all know the popcorn line is usually a hold up.

2. A Mala Bracelet

A simple and meaningful mala bracelet made from lava rock or recycled wood is a fun gift. Lava is known for it’s grounding properties and calming the emotions. Another great thing about Lava is that it is porous so you can drop some essential oils on it if this is something your guy is into. The company is a Canadian company out of Calgary. They offer a great incentive to purchase from them, they plant 3 trees every time a wooden bracelet is purchased. Their bracelets are created from naturally repurposed wood. These bracelets are $40 each and can be shipped or picked up locally in Calgary – click here to shop.

Playfield Mala Bracelets – $40

3. Men’s Flannel

The Durham Flannel – $100 by Brixton (@theliveryshop)

Flannel’s look so hot on guys – take Sam Hunt for example – he is gorgeous in a flannel and his voice isn’t too bad either! We found this gorgeous cream and navy flannel from The Livery Shop – a local shop in Calgary ran by Camp Brand Goods – a local clothing manufacturer. You can shop online or in store and they have a ton of other great handmade and local artisan product. This flannel is called the Durham Flannel and is made by Brixton for $100.

4. Watch Box

If he is a collector but doesn’t have a watch box yet – this will make him happy and help keep the value of his most timeless pieces. The watch box can be used for watches, chains or bracelets. A great thing about the watch box is it keeps his jewelry organized and protects it from being damaged. We recommend purchasing one with a clear top so he can easily see his selection before picking what one he will wear that day. If he is a simple, more modern guy – the black laquer finished Watch Box by Medium is a great choice. This one has 6 cushioned pockets and is valued at $100. It can be purchased here. Our other option is a more traditional look – made from natural pine wood and also offers the clear lid for ease of searching. This one is valued at $97 on Etsy and is handmade by a woodmaker! They offer different stain colours and an option to engrave a special message

5. A Night for HIM!

Homemade Pizza Date Night

Does your man work long hours? Treat him to a relaxing night with his fav…You, Food, and Drinks. You want to make the night special – but still staying within budget. Our recommendation is to light some candles, send the kids to Grandmas and have the house to yourselves. Treat him to some homemade pizza, a nice card and maybe some board games or a movie with a good snuggle. Most times if he is working long hours – this night is just what the doctor called for. Who wants to go out on Valentines Day and be rushed out of the restaurant by a certain time or wait in line if you didn’t make a reservation. So get to the grocery story and grab your list for his favourite pizza – if he’s basic it’ll be pepperoni and cheese and if he’s adventurous it’s going be loaded! You can prepare homemade dough the night before – check out this recipe for a really easy and dense pizza dough recipe. All you need is 1 cup of plain greek yogurt and 1 cup of self-rising flour (purchase or make your own). You can add rosemary or and Italian blend to the dough for extra flavour – then top with tomato sauce and his favourite ingredient. Right before the cheese has been added – make sure to try adding fresh sliced garlic – it’s a secret ingredient in our household when making homemade pizza. Save the clean up for later – and follow dinner with a Netflix movie or a couple games of crib. If he’s a fan of board games – Michaud Toys has some of the best handmade wooden games to purchase -Horses, Baseball, Dice Poker are just a few.

6. The Boot

The Sondergaard Boot is the new trend for men’s footwear – whether you just started dating or you’ve been together for years – this would be a great gift to spruce up his wardrobe. Let’s face it , a good shoe is the foundation you need to build off of. So if your man is lacking a little in the style department , shoes or boots would be a great place to start. These boots can be found at the Bay where you can order in-store or online for $72-$92 and have them delivered to your doorstep. They come in Black, Cognac or Tan and look badass with a pair of slim fit denim with a rolled cuff.

7. Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Custom Etched Glasses

If your man is a Whiskey or Scotch lover – we found these awesome personalized glasses for them to sip on their favourite cocktail. Whether it’s whiskey on the rocks, a rum and coke or an old fashioned, these custom etched glasses will be a hit. And he will think of you every time he uses it. You’re welcome ladies. We love supporting a maker and these can be purchased on Etsy – Custom Etched Glasses. They come as a set of 6 glasses and can be etched with a personal logo, an initial, a special date or a full name for $97.

8. Spring Coat

The warmer weather is on it’s way – but it’s still not hot enough to go without a coat and men run on one temperature “hot” so let’s keep him happy with a new spring coat. Coats are a staple item – they make the outfit. This is a nice idea to add to his collection or update his current wardrobe. Plus if your man doesn’t like to shop – you’ll save him the time of going out to the mall to try and find something new. He’s likely still wearing his thermal or long sleeves – this coat will shelter him from rain and wind. The black hooded Nike Windrunner shell is light enough to keep him at a happy temperature and the black goes with anything. He can wear it on the way to the gym, running out to do errands or going out for dinner. He will look great in this shell. Purchase on time for Valentines Day at one of our favourite online shops for him – MR PORTER. Click below to shop.

9. Boxers

Men are somehow always needing new boxers – they’ve ripped or they are pilling – this men’s collection can never be too big. The question is…is he a brief, trunk, or relaxed boxer kind of guy? Tommy John is an underwear company that started out by specializing in men’s underwear. Their product is made from a natural fibre called modal – it’s soft and breathable and they guarantee a perfect fit. Choose from a selection of solids and prints and shop by style – which makes your shopping experience very user friendly. You can also enjoy 15% off your first online purchase. Their pricing ranges from $28-$45 per pair and they also offer bundles and ship to Canada. If you aren’t happy with your first pair – they will refund you! Grab 2-3 pairs and still stay under budget!

Well aren’t these a nice pair of boxers! @TommyJohnWear

10. Duffle Bag

Herschel Duffle Bag – $100 including shipping

Men are normally light packers – everyone has a big roller style suitcase for weekend fly away trips or week long tropical destinations – but when your man is driving out of town to see a friend for the weekend or going on an overnight work trip – he doesn’t want to be hauling his roller style suitcase in and be that guy that overpacked for a single night away from home. The Herschel Duffle Bag is the perfect size, style and colour. It comes in a few different colours – both bright and monochrome and it has a large zip closure and a small compartment for an extra pair of shoes. This way he can bring his business style leather boots and his gym shoes all in one bag. The black style below can be found on for $88 plus shipping or go for the stone grey colour for $10 less.

We hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day with your man and take some of these ideas to make him feel appreciated, loved and special! He deserves it just as much as you!

XO Brett & Kaeli

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