RED … The color that says it all!

Confidence, courage, passion, strength – these are just a few things I think of when I think of the color red. So why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this powerful color into your clothing palette?! My love affair for red began in grade 12 when I had to write a paper on the movie American Beauty. If you’ve seen the movie you will understand, if you haven’t, put that movie on your Friday night chill list. I really appreciated red after seeing how a color can be so powerful. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I was brave enough to start incorporating this color into my own wardrobe though. I am so happy I found the courage to do this, my only regret is not doing it sooner. There is something about throwing on your favourite red pumps, or putting on your favourite red lipstick that makes you feel like such a BOSS. So listen up ladies, if you are fearful of wearing the color red like I was, I am going to show you some amazing pieces to help you ease this beautiful color into your wardrobe. I promise, you will never look back.

So let’s start with the basics. Everyone loves a good comfy sweater. You can find them in pretty much every store throughout the winter months. And the big chunky knit sweater trend is carrying in through spring as well. Lucky for you, there are a ton on sale right now. I would check out stores like Zara, Gap and H&M for these deals. So now that spring is around the corner, instead of pairing the sweater with jeans, think lighter, more airy. You could wear it with a flowy maxi skirt for a dressier look, or with a pair of denim shorts for more of a daytime look. If I were to wear this red sweater with a pair of lighter denim shorts, I would style it with a french tuck (side front tuck) and some white Converse sneakers. The red accents in the sneaks would play so well with this bright red sweater.

H&M V-neck Sweater $29.99
Click to shop

Can we take a moment here to appreciate this windbreaker? If you are going to throw red into your wardrobe, this is the way to do it! This would be the perfect jacket to wear on your way to the gym, or running some errands on the weekend. It’s light weight, so it would be ideal for the upcoming spring months. The sherpa lined collar gives it that little extra edge that is going to make people do a double take . And you can’t beat this price point either.

Sherpa Lined Windbreaker from GARAGE $44.95
Click to shop

They say go big or go home right? Here is a way to make a statement! Anytime you see a lady walk into a room and she is wearing red pants, more than likely you and everyone else is thinking “HOT DAMN”. They are thinking that this lady is just exuding confidence and power. This is the power of RED people. I’m telling you… it’s magic. I love these pants from Forever 21 because they are transitional. They can go from casual, to dressy with the change of a shoe. For a more casual look, I am loving the way they have it styled here, I would add a denim jacket and a lighter colored ball cap. If you were wanting to wear these pants out for an evening on the town, I would wear them with a long black coat, a pair of black ankle boots, and a white top with some texture to it. Think ruffles or fringe. When picking out a statement piece like these, it’s important to try and visualize what you are going to style it will. If you can’t think of more than 1 option, I say it isn’t worth it. Unless you are buying the item specifically for a special occasion and you know you are only going to wear it once.

High-Waisted Straight Leg Pant
Forever 21 $21.90
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I saw these on a girl last night and had immediate shoe envy. I knew I had to add them to this blog post. The shape of this pump is everything. My favourite part is that they show some skin without having to be strapy heel. For our cooler months up here is Canada these are perfect, don’t have to freeze your little piggies. I would love to see these paired with a tighter fitting red turtle neck and a flowy leopard print maxi skirt. I know thats a bold statement, but just close your eyes and try to picture it with me. It’s good right? If that isn’t your taste, you could go classic with a dark pair of denim jeans, white blouse and a black blazer. Either way, these shoes are making a statement!

Steve Madden $120
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And last but definitely not least … a red felt hat. Look how beautiful this hat is. I just ordered one for an upcoming trip I’m going on and I can’t wait to rock this red bad boy. Who knows, maybe I’ll get real crazy and pair it with some red pants! Hats to me, are the cherry on the cake. They will make practically any outfit look better. I know this is my own personal opinion, but you have to trust me. We want all you ladies to be brave enough to wear the pieces that you are drawn to. I can’t even tell you how many times ladies have come up to me when I am wearing a hat and say ” I wish I could wear a hat like that”. Guess what?! You can. There is nothing separating you from me. If I can wear the hat, we all can wear the hat. Darling, just own it!

Anna Felt Panama Hat
Urban Outfitters $49
Click to shop

Thanks for checking in babes and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Xo – Brett & Kaeli

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