Our Favourite Workout Gear

It’s almost March – and I’m ready for a gym routine. I don’t like to admit that I haven’t been getting exercise on a regular basis – but it’s reality. I shouldn’t feel like I am being judged for it either – because I don’t judge people for choosing not to be a gym rat.

Kaeli has jumped on board earlier this year and has been going strong 5 days a week…I spoke with her last weekend and she was going to the hotel gym – that’s commitment! She has also started the #FWTFL program – so you will see lots of “bowls” on our Instagram story.

I’ve always been known to include a workout routine in my schedule but since I moved to Red Deer my commitment has really sucked! Maybe it’s because I work full time, just built a house, own a small kids clothing company and have now decided to start a blog! Time is the issue..but not an excuse. I’ve been going twice a week the last month – but it’s not enough for my standards! I’m struggling to manage it all in life – but one thing I do know – is what gear, water bottles, and shoes I love when I do workout.

1. New Balance Fresh Foam Veniz Running Shoes

@NEWBALANCE Fresh Foam Running Shoe in Cream/Metallic – $109.99

The right shoe depends on your body type, the shape of your foot and what you do at the gym. For the gym – our normal routine is weight training and cardio. We also like to run outside in the summer. I used to prefer to wear cross training shoes all the time – but about a year ago was getting pain in my right foot. Since then I have made the change to a running shoe. I have a pretty tall frame to support – and this was such a great choice. The Fresh Foam running shoe is light-weight, comfortable and breathable like a cross training shoe – but it has a sole like a running shoe. It’s the best of both worlds. I purchased mine on sale at Sportchek for $89.99 – but noticed they are now $109.99 – but completely worth the price. I prefer a neutral coloured runner, so went with the cream/metallic colour. The Fresh Foam Arishi style has the same look but is offered in pink or purple if you like a bit of color.

2. Lululemon Align II Pant

Shoes by Adidas SALE $79.50 : Pants by Lululemon $98 : Sports Bra by VictoriaSecret $49.50

WE ARE OBSESSED! If we could own them in every colour we would – we were owners of Align I and now we are owners of Align II. What’s the difference? They made a slight change to the material and the seam on the inside of the leg. The Align II pant comes high waisted, in multiple colour selection and in both a 25″ inseam or a 28″ inseam. Both lengths are the same price of $98 – but make sure to check their “we made too much” section where everything is discounted. They are suitable for both short and tall people. When you wear the Align II pant for the first time – it’s gonna feel like you are wearing nothing at all because they are that comfortable. @lululemon tells us not to wear these to the gym – but we do anyways! Did you know that if your Lululemon product shows any sign of pilling – they will first try to de-pill the item using a machine but if it continues they will either give you a gift card to purchase something else of the same value OR you can exchange for a brand new pair! How awesome is that customer service? You basically own Aligns for life now and they provide maximum comfort – you won’t regret it! We love how this gorgeous girl paired her Full Length Camo Align pant with a red sports bra.

3. Joah Brown Street Wear

Iconic Tank by Joahbrown.com – $48

We are always on the hunt for items that no one else owns. So consider this a secret – the @Joahbrown collection is based out of LA and it’s made for athleisure fashion. We can’t recommend one favourite because there are so many options for post, pre and during your workout. One item in particular that we love is the Iconic Tank only offered in White – but we often resort to the neutral coloured items. We do love colour – but 75% of the time we will be wearing browns, greys, black or white when we work out. We like to wear a loose fitting, higher neck line top when we work out because it’s comfortable, it flows nicely and it keeps your chest covered so you aren’t getting any extra unwanted attention. The lower armpit cutouts offer a bit of sexiness in your outfit which we also like – to show of a pop of colour in your sports bra. Another great thing about this brand that I am obsessed with is their Cotton Collection. I am often looking for cotton items to wear to the gym because cotton is a natural fiber that allows your skin to breath. If you are wearing polyester items to the gym – it doesn’t let your skin breathe as much. To the extreme – polyester is made from recycled bottles – which is plastic…so how much is your skin breathing through a layer of plastic?

4. Nike Swoosh Sports Bra

We are loyal to Nike – they offer such a good brand for all things sport. Plus we might be a bit of a brand whore when it comes to this particular brand! We love all the retro Nike Swoosh shirts coming back – but we especially love the Nike Swoosh sports bras. Priced at $40 on revolve.com – these bras provide a great design, they cut high on the sides and neckline so it can be worn with some high waisted workout pants without showing too much skin if you want. It also provides good support…remember we are small to medium chested – so we can’t speak for bigger chested women. They come in multiple colors – including black and white – and they are comfortable. I am a size 36B or 34C normally and I wear a Medium.

5. Vitajuwel Waterbottle

The @Vitajuwel water bottle isn’t a bargain buy unfortunately – but if you are holistic and choose to be ‘oh natural’ this water bottle might be worth the investment for you. The very best thing about this water bottle is that there is a crystal compartment in the bottom of it that clarifies and filters your tap water. My husband always tells me that I am just being sassy about drinking tap water – but it honestly tastes bad to me. It tastes a lot like metal – which doesn’t taste good – so instead I complain to him about how much I spent on the water bottle. Another cool thing about the Vitajuwel is that when you are purchasing in store they will normally do a test on you to figure out which crystals are good for your specific healing. I didn’t believe that these crystals could actually change the flavor of the water through vibrations – but Kaeli came down one weekend – and made me test it! IT WORKED! The only downfall about this bottle is it doesn’t keep your water cold very long.

Here is the breaking news about a bargain buy of a water bottle. The Superstore Brand “Swell” is only $15.98 in store and it keeps your water cooler for longer than an actual name brand @Swell water bottle! My husband came home with a fancy Swell (on sale for $38 at well.ca right now) – and I tested it out. The Superstore bottle won!

That’s a wrap on 5 of our favourite work out items – but it doesn’t stop there! We are a huge fan of the current fashion trend Athleisure – so we wear quite a bit of workout clothes for both working out and other social events!

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure – a fashion trend when clothes designed for workout and other athletic activity is worn in other settings such as the workplace, school or other social events. If you follow us on Instagram – @the.birdsandbeesblog – our stories involve a lot of our #ootd – where at least 60% of the time is athleisure. It’s comfortable, it’s fashionable, it’s business casual and it’s easy!

We both work a full time job that requires business casual outfits – well that’s where this trend becomes really easy. One of our favourite athleisure pieces is the Lululemon On the Fly Pant – $108. These pants come in a woven and regular style – we both own the regular and they are by far our favourite and comfiest dress pant – you can thank us later! They have a 27″ inseam – so they crop just above the ankle on taller ladies and if you are shorter – just roll up the bottom hem. They look cute with heels, boots, runners or sandals. Wear it with a dress shirt tucked in at the front or with a looser closed blouse and a long trench coat for work time. To transition into your after work activity throw on a tee shirt or sweater. These are probably the only dress pants you won’t be ready to get out of once the work day is complete.

Thanks for coming to check out our blog! Don’t forget to check out our styling packages on our home page! Bye for now!

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