Our Top 5 Summer Trends of 2019

The warmer weather is approaching and we are pumped to pull out our lighter weight coats and put away our heavier scarves and mitts for summer. We are going to help you prepare for this summers hottest trends and we will also outline a few of these particular pieces that can be carried into the Fall. For those of you that hate shopping or love fashion but just don’t ever really know what to shop for, or what the new fad is for the season – we are here to help!

First – before you start your spring cleaning and going through your closet to decide what you’d like to keep and what you want to donate – make sure to read this post! You may be able to recycle some of those pieces into this seasons outfit selection. We are going to highlight a few trends that you might see on the streets and at the lake this summer! Then we will get into particular pieces that you might want to add to your closet.

THE UTILITY TREND: This trend is full of colour options – including olive green, beige, denim, natural, muted orange, and dusty rose. Business trousers with pleats, dresses with pockets, jumpsuits, boots, satin trench coats and unisex oversized fit. These are all items that would encompass the utility trend.

THE NEON TREND: This trend is one that we love! Think highlighter colours – especially highlighter yellow! A ton of this colour was seen on the runways – but don’t forget about hot pink, bright purple and neon orange. A midi skirt, a pleated dress, a basic tee, a swimsuit or tuxedo pants are just a few items you can be wearing this summer in this beautiful colour palette.

THE TIE DYE TREND: We are no longer Hippies in the 60s or young teens in the 90s – but we are making a come back in the tie dye trend for summer 2019. Any tie dye wardrobe option is trending right now – it’s a very laid back option, but it’s coming in hot – you can really take it from one extreme to another. Whether it’s a jumpsuit, kimono, flowy dress or collared shirt – wear it as a relaxed and flowy look and always go for the ombre over concentric circles to best pull this look off.

HAIR CLIPS: Another 90s style is making it’s way back – hair clips create texture in your hair and keep it out of your face. White pearl embellished, metallic in color, tortuoise shell acrylic and diamond personalized words are all hair clip options that can be the focus of this seasons perfect hair clip!

Now that you have an idea of what is trending – we have sourced out our top 5 trending pieces that you can shop for! And don’t forget that denim cutoffs are still going to be huge this summer – so of course we have incorporated those!

Check out the items we found and save yourself the time and hassle of shopping – just click the photo and add it to your shopping cart for yourself or share it with your friends. If this is something you found very valuable – make sure to check out SERVICES on our page – you could benefit from some of them locally or from afar!

1. Zara’s Neon Midi Skirt

Click the photo to shop!

This highlighter yellow skirt is a midi length – which means it sits in between a knee length and a maxi length skirt. This length makes this skirt an even bigger statement – and you’ll be setting the trend for the people around you.

A great way to wear this skirt is with a basic white tee shirt with a front knot tie, or you could do a printed monochrome crop top and a highlighter blue trench coat or a third option would be an oversized top with ankle boots – wear a pair of heels to make it a little sexier. This skirt can be bought in store @Zara for $39.90 – they also offer many other options in this length!

2. Cinder & Sage Hair Comb

Click to shop the Diamond Rio Hair Comb

This girl has talent and she is a local artist to Calgary, Alberta – which is super cool because we don’t live very far from there and we love to support local! But don’t worry if you aren’t in the area – she does provide shipping across Canada and the US. If you follow her on Instagram @cinderandsage she sometimes will offer free shipping to her followers! The Diamond Rio hair clip is $26 and is our hot number. She offers tons of great options in many different metals. We hope she brings in some acrylic clips soon as well.

3. Levi’s Denim Cut Offs

The Queen of Denim – I remember when I owned my first pair of @levis. I think I was 7 or 8 years old and I wore the straight cuts in both black and blue full length jeans. If you haven’t owned any Levi jeans in your past or present – now is the time. We tend to lean more towards the thicker denim options they offer – that have a stiffer feel and stretch less upon putting them on. They will loosen up about a size – but that’s what we love about them – the perfect denim short that creates a relaxed boyfriend look. Pair them with a belt and a laced trim cami, your favorite hat and you will be festival or street ready! It doesn’t take much to turn heads and have people asking you where your outfit was inspired from! Check out the Wedgie Fit style if you have a big caboose. You can shop Levi’s shorts at www.levis.com

4. Lulu’s Matching Set

A matching set is a must have for this summer. We cannot express how much we love matching sets, even if you were to put together an outfit by pairing a bottom and a top in the same color – we’d consider this a matching set. If you are comfortable enough showing a little mid-drift – do it girl! We love lulus.com dusty blue dress set – comes with the off the shoulder top and the maxi skirt that includes a side slit to show a little leg and welcomes flow while you’re out running around! To create more of a street style – wear this number with a long ivory trench coat – always go for a silky and flowy material or wear a black leather coat for a night time look. We’ve also listed some other options of some brands we love for this style of product.

5. Lack of Color’s Zulu Hat

We saved the best for last – and it’s our Zulu Hat. This hat is the bomb.com and is offered in many different colors – their newest color is a moss green…heart eyes! Wear this hat out for a lunch date to protect your sensitive skin while enjoying lunch, or wear it on the beach with your new one piece monokini and beach pants or wear it out with your boo – to some drinks with friends. This hat goes everywhere with us and is always packed in the suitcase for a road trip. You’ll see Kaeli in Nashville this June wearing her Sand colored one! This hat goes for $99 CDN – but can be found at plenty of boutique stores such as Imber Boutique in YYC or Juxta Brixton Boutique in YLL – if you are from Alberta, Canada. Otherwise sign up for 15% off with lackofcolor.com and have it shipped to your home on time for this summers events.

Thanks for checking out our blog girl! Hope you have some purchases to look forward to and some new outfits to wear out this summer! We love to answer questions about all things fashion – wardrobe and decor! So make sure to contact us on Instagram @the.birdsandbeesblog or by email! Happy trending!

XO Brett & Kaeli

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