The Closet Refresh

On Saturday April 6 – we did our first closet refresh. You might be asking yourself – what is a closet refresh? How could I benefit from it? The Closet Refresh is one of many services we offer in the Red Deer and Lloydminster Area. It includes a 1-hour in person/skype or phone consultation, a closet visit and evaluation, and a closet refresh – which includes an in depth assessment of all items in the closet, organization and our top 10 outfits from your current closet selection. All of this is priced at $250! If you want to read more click here!

The Consultation

The purpose of the consultation is for us to get to know who you are and what kind of style you are attracted to, what fashion trends you enjoy and what your wishes are from our services. The consultation also gives you an opportunity to get to know who we are, what we will bring to your closet and how we can help you be well organized and carry a style in your closet that is up-to-date. We have a series of questions we go through with you that will help us fully understand what sort of fashion sense you currently have and where you’d like to be at with your wardrobe.

The 1st Closet Visit

After the consultation – we send a proposal that includes an estimate and do a follow up on whether you would like to go ahead as a client. Once you confirm the service – we will schedule a closet visit. The closet visit allows us to see what is currently in your closet and gives us an idea of what sort of organization we can bring to the closet, options for a new layout for your items and any supplies that might be required. After the closet visit we send a list of recommended supplies that we have you purchase prior to the Closet Refresh visit.

The Closet Refresh

The last step in the process is the most exciting step – scheduling a day for your Closet Refresh. This day is exciting for us and should be very exciting for you – we get to go to town. Depending on how many clothes you may have and how much organization is required, we’ll determine how many hours we will need. Plan for at least 2 hours but this will be discussed after the first closet visit – and can varry in price based on how many hours we believe it will take.

Our 1st Closet Refresh PART 1

Now we’d like to share with you our very first Closet Refresh that we did with our good friend Nicole. This is Part 1 of 2 – where we will tell you how we worked with Nicole to organize her dream closet and what she has to say about her experience.

Part 2 will be up next Thursday and it will include some looks we pulled from Nicole’s closet, some new looks we recommended and some links for organizing material for your closet to help make it a more fashionable, friendly space.

Nicole is a hard working mom of three and has been mommin’ it for 8 years. Her husband works away 2/3 of the year and she came to us after going through an amazing weight loss and lifestyle change. She has always been a very active woman – involved in her kids extra-curricular activities and playing ball in the summer. After her youngest was born – she grew a strong interest for health and wellness. She committed to a program and lost over 50 pounds, gained a ton of muscle and hasn’t stopped since. She currently is a stay at home mom and also teaches workout classes at the local gym. We love her energy and when she asked us to come in and help her with her closet we were honoured and super excited to help out with this.

We committed to a Saturday and Kaeli drove down the Friday night – we rolled into Nicole’s around 10AM. We had no idea how much clothing Nicole had and that it would take 6 hours for the refresh. Nicole had clothing from when she was in grade 8…by the time we finished – these items were gone! Nicole’s four wishes were – more organization, keep the safe/safety items in the closet, completely empty the second dresser they had in the room and help her put together some outfits from her current closet.

We started by pulling all of her clothes from the closet and separating them into four categories: LOVE, SELL, DONATE, WASTE. The LOVE items were ones that she couldn’t let go of and she really enjoyed having in her life – including items she loved to wear and sentimental items. The SELL items she enjoyed but never wore, and realistically wouldn’t ever wear or items that she had too much of and were in good condition to be sold. The DONATE items she could go without, maybe didn’t wear as often anymore and could part ways with but the quality was too poor to be sold. The WASTE pile were items that she had gotten a lot of wear out of – they had holes not worth fixing, stains or were very over worn.

We categorized her entire closet and dresser including tops, bottoms, seasonal, coats, shoes, belts, scarves, hats, etc this way. We also took everything out of the closet that should not be in the closet – her outdoor coats got sent down into the front closet, the hunting gear was stored in a large rubbermaid container in the basement or the garage, and the camera accessories and badminton rackets all had a home – NOT in the closet. It’s important to keep your closet solely for items that are meant to be worn – your closet is not a storage closet. Once we organized the SELL, DONATE and WASTE items into coloured plastic bags – we hauled it into the garage so that Nicole could take it to the dump, a consignment store and a donation store.

GUESS WHAT! We met all four of Nicole’s wishes – including emptying this dresser completely so she can remove it and open up the room! Now she can purchase a full length mirror to help her get ready for the day!

During this process – we also helped Nicole decide if she needed 3 shirts in the same colour of red, or 6 pairs of black workout pants. This will vary with each person – because she teaches workout classes – she kept all 6 pairs of black workout pants. Since red is not her favourite colour to wear and is only worn at Christmas time – she only kept 1 red shirt. During this process we get to know who you are, what you love to wear, what colours you enjoy wearing, what changes you would like to make to your wardrobe and we help you declutter or build your wardrobe.

All of her shirts are nicely hung in one space – and organized by sleeve length.

Once we finalized all the items that would stay in her wardrobe – we started hanging and organizing. We kept all of the charcoal and white hangers – eventually she would hang all her clothes on the charcoal hangers and her husbands clothes on the white hangers. We had the safe moved to the back corner of the closet because this is not the first thing you should see when walking into the closet. We got rid of enough clothing to empty all of the dresser drawers.

Most of her shirts were falling off hangers and not really easily accessible

We decided that sleeve length would be how we organized her closet – because summer is approaching we hung the sleeveless tops at the front of the closet – followed by short sleeve, long sleeve and heavier long sleeve. All of her shirts were hung colour co-ordinated within these categories. When winter arrives – she can simply move the sleeveless to the back and the long sleeve to the front!

Activewear is a big fashion trend in Nicole’s life – we agreed to hang her athletic coats and pullovers at the most easily accessible part of her closet. Beside them are all of her longer items – dusters, dresses, and matching suits. Within the shelving – we folded all of her denim, dress pants and miscellaneous pants on the top shelf so they are eye level and easy for her to see. She mentioned that her outfits always start with her pant choice and then she goes from there.

On the rest of the shelving running up the right side of her workout sweaters we organized all of her chunky knit sweaters. These are rolled and stored on one shelf because this is the best way to store delicate knits. When they are hung – they tend to get damaged from the hangers. On the other three shelves we folded all of her workout tops, her workout pants and her shorts/capris. At the top of this section there are three bins that contain seasonal items. During the specific season she is able to pull it down and tuck it under her workout tops to easily access. One has softball and volleyball wear, the other one has scarves, toques and hats and the third one has a very pretty collection of lingerie. Additionally – we tucked a seasonal camping bin in the back of the closet beside the safe that she can easily access for the camping season.

Fold your shirts so they are similar in size and roll your workout pants and knit tops. Your knit tops will last longer in quality because of the way they are stored.
Smaller boxes, containers or foldable compartments help organize a big drawer to store all your underwear, socks, bras and pyjamas.

Lastly – her master bed has four drawers for storage built into the frame. We emptied one of these – where she had her @lululemon and most work out gear stored. Since this was all moved into the closet – we made this drawer her under garment drawer. The best way to store your bras and underwear in a large drawer is by incorporating smaller tubs or boxes to organize them. This technique will separate your socks, underwear, bras and panty hose. This drawer was also big enough to put her pyjamas in it as well.

Now that you know what our Closet Refresh is all about – if you are interested in our services – all of them can be modified to suit your needs. We would be happy to help in anyway and are passionate in helping you feel good in your clothes and in your space. Check back for Nicole’s new looks next week and for now – we wanted to share a message that we received from Nicole after her Closet Refresh.

xo B&K

Brett + Kaeli,

I truly could not have asked for two better ladies to come in and organize our closet for us. Our master bedroom and closet, used to be the lowest priority in the house. It was always the last to be cleaned and last to be painted because in my mind nobody went in there other than myself or my husband. It was one of those things in the house where I kept saying “I will get to it”, and 5 (or more) years later I never did, so I had to call in the pros.

Brett and Kaeli were very professional, they made me feel VERY comfortable even though initially, I wanted to feel embarrassed. They made the entire process easy and stress free. 

They created that safe feeling where I felt comfortable and confident in them to find outfits that best suited my body type and suggested essential must have items to keep in my closet. 

They suggested I take advantage of the vertical space in my closet to store away off season items and make things easily accessible and more manageable for long term tidyness. I also learnt about the importance of folding sweaters along with some helpful tips to better care for my clothes. 

I am so thankful for this process. They helped me to declutter 8 garbage bags of clothes. Now, when I go into my closet I love the simplified feeling and I also feel confident in my clothes that do remain in there. They helped to inspire me and light that fire to declutter the rest of the house. It is so easy to accumulate stuff without even thinking about it. I felt so much relief and satisfaction of letting go of so much. I finally understand the saying of physical space and mental space go hand in hand.

I truly could not have done it without these ladies and I am so grateful for their help. I HIGHLY recommend The Birds and the Bees service to help you freshen up your closet!!


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