What I’m Taking To Nash

I have been counting down the sleeps for 217 days! Ok, maybe not exactly 217 days, but I can tell you it has felt like an eternity. Now it’s only 5 more sleeps and I am off to Nashville!! There is something so magical about that city, and I feel so blessed to be going there for a second time. One of my favourite memories from my last trip, that we will be doing again was the Nashville Pedal Tavern bike tour. It is the perfect way to fit in some site seeing with some pub hopping. Think of it like a honky tonk spin class with booze. It’s a win win. I am also going to be on the hunt for the best Hot Chicken in Nashville. And of course, there is the music. The live music scene is on a whole new level down there. I am constantly walking around with tears in my eyes, because I am just so amazed at all the talent.

Ok, so let’s have a moment of realness. I am the worlds worst packer. I always pack way too much useless crap. I am talking about that nasty little sequin dress that has been hiding in my closet (that I insisted on buying and probably spent way too much on) for years and I always feel the need bring it along, in hopes that I will wear it. Which NEVER happens. So I am using this platform to keep me accountable. I am going to share a few of the pieces and goodies I am bringing with me.

It has been brought to my attention lately that I may or may not have a slight addiction to animal print. So in true Kaeli fashion, 90% of my suitcase is going to look like it’s from the wild. In the outfit pictured above I have also incorporated my other true love, a stellar black hat. I purchased this Here On The Dot button down blouse from the Vici Collection. The shorts from Simons are a perfect respectable MOM length, and the Steve Madden sandals are an ideal height considering all the walking we will be doing. The Skinny Western Belt is from Aritzia, and my hat is also from Vici Collection. Their hats are very reasonably priced and they sell out quick! So if you see a post on their instagram, jump on it! I have tried to include as many dresses as possible while choosing my outfits. The main reason is the small amount of real-estate they take up in my suitcase, followed by a close – they look cute and are easy to style. Pair the dresses with a cute hat and some turquoise jewelry, and you have a cowgirl worthy outfit!

If any of you have been to Nashville in June, you know how hot it is. So if it isn’t an easy breezy dress, it’s going to be flowy tanks and cut-offs. Of course we love our Levi’s. This tie up white tank top is from Winners and the snake print sandals are from Nordstrom Rack in Edmonton. One of my favourite ways to accessorize is with crystal bracelets. I got this one from my girl Teagan at Spirit Collab. I wear this one to keep me grounded and calm. I am doing a guest blog post for her website launch next week. So stay tuned to see all the new fabulous pieces she is making.

Say hello to the usual suspects. A couple pairs of sandals, both are from Nordstrom Rack in Edmonton. My ride or die black mules from Free People are amazingly comfortable and they look perfect with everything. So these were a no-brainer for making the cut into the Nashville suitcase. The studded white mules are a new addiction, also from Nordstrom Rack in Edmonton. I feel so bad ass when I wear these, and I love it! Last but definitely not least, my snake skin boots. Ahhhh, the memories I have in these. I wore them to the NFR in Las Vegas last year. I saw one of my idols, Kasey from SBK living. I fan girl’d and sent her a message saying I saw her and I wished I had said hi, but instead I froze like a freakin meatball. She said she remembered me and my BOOTS! So yes, these babies are coming with me, and who knows what role model I may run into down there. I’m looking at you Kristin Cavallari.

You ladies can thank me later for this next tid bit. Above are my favourite hair products. Eleven Australia is an amazing hair care line. They are cruelty free, they use recyclable packing, and the most important part – they work! Having blonde hair that isn’t natural is some serious work. These products have made a world of difference for me. With the sun beating down on my hair, I will be needing all of the nourishment I can get. Their blonde shampoo is the tits. It’s like I am toning my own hair at home. Briogeo has the best leave-in conditioner. I use this after every wash. In-between my washes I use Living Proof dry shampoo. I have really battled finding a dry shampoo that I like. I feel like most of them leave my hair looking dusty, and they all smell like my Grandmas perfume. No offence GG, I know you are reading this. But I don’t want my hair smelling like I just tried to douse my stench with another stench. This Living Proof dry shampoo doesn’t leave any dusty residue and it has a yummy subtle smell.

Hello, my name is Kaeli, and I am addicted to Beauty Counter products. I used to be a loyal Rodan and Fields user. I still use their eye cream, but I have fallen in love with a few new products. The Facial Oil is an absolute game changer. Since I started using this, I have received so many compliments on my skin. I feel like it gives me a fresh, glowing look. After using the Cleansing Balm, I apply the oil then use my Jade roller. The Jade roller has so many benefits. The main reason I use it with the oil is because it increases absorbency. After rolling the oil into my skin, I spritz my face with Plumping Mist. This mist preps skin, sets makeup, and refreshes throughout the day. I obviously have a few more items that I use, but these ones are my favourite.

Wish me luck friends. My goal is to not get a heavy sticker plastered onto my suitcase this time. I am feeling confident!



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