Our Top 5 Favourite Bloggers

We love fashion inspo from other fabulous fashion blogger accounts. This was a hard vote but Kaeli and I both agree they are our top 5 for sure. We love watching their stories and checking out all their posts. They inspire us to do better photography, help us stay on trend and love finding out the new new across the world. These girls work their butts off to make sure they have content posted on their stories and their news feed everyday and we love to follow each of them for unique reasons. Check it out!

NUMBER 1: @somewherelately

Brooke and Meggan are always wearing and styling the best outfits. We love following their everyday life and their blog is a true inspiration for us. We can relate to these two since they are also creating content from two different city’s and only get together every so often. They always have the best accessories and the edge that we love in a good outfit. We hope as the years pass we can travel the world together and bring you blog worthy travel advice just like these two! If you want the hottest trends and where to find the good buys – go follow these ladies! They are both Mom’s and just grinding the blogger life.

NUMBER 2: @seersuckerandsaddles

Beth Chappo is our ride or die when it comes to social media. We love being apart of her gang. She is one of the fittest, hippest, and funnest moms to follow and we’ve never seen rock hard abs like hers on a woman before. We really like to follow along in her stories and she always has new stuff – whether it’s new recipes for #thatbowllife, a hot new amazon find she found or some fun activities she recommends doing with your kids. We love seeing baby Calvin on the screen cuz he is absolutely adorable. If your up for a challenge sign up for her Faster Way to Fat Loss workout and nutrition package – they’ll make you sweat and you’ll likely leave the program with a rocking bod. #FWTFL

NUMBER 3: @laurabeverlin

Laura is a fashion icon and always has the most links to her outfits and their availability. She is a huge fan of leopard print and amazon fashion and since we just started shopping the Amazon World – she is one of our favs. Her and her husband just bought their dream home so we are currently following along with their renovations. She is so informative and detailed that you could basically do most of her house reno techniques. This house is stunning and her outfits are to die for! Don’t miss out on this beauties fashion and home decor. She is stunning inside and out!

NUMBER 4: @candicewilletsmua

This blonde bombshell of a babe is one of our best friends and her talent for make up is something we have never seen before. If you need some new makeup ideas – she is your girl! She has lots of IGTV content and always has Q+A on makeup info. We love following her journey through weight loss over the passed year and how she did it. Follow her to check out how her lifestyle has changed and she shares tons of yummy new recipes with you. She now is incorporating some of her #ootd and we love it. She has always talked about including fashion in her newsfeed but she never felt comfortable. After loosing over 70 pounds – there is no stopping her! Her transformation is amazing and we couldn’t be more proud to see her reach all her goals.

NUMBER 5: @sbkliving

Kasey was one of the first bloggers we really grew to love. This might have been because we witnessed her natural beauty at #NFR last year! She posts about all things fashion, home decor, travel, beauty and lifestyle. We are so excited for baby Nixon to come along so she can style him or her in the cutest baby gear. Her and her husband are hilarious when they get into their hill billy alter egos – Janet and Larry – and we love her lineup of headwear. She lives in the most beautiful farmhouse mansion and is always sharing all her home decor advice…a lot of it’s out of budget for us but she has really great taste.

If you enjoy following along with our story – make sure you check these babes out and give them a follow!

xoxo B&K

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