My 10 Minute Beauty Routine

I’m flattered when woman tell me my skin is glowing – that means I did a great job that morning during my 10 minute makeup routine. I don’t think I wear a lot of makeup – but as I have gotten older I have required more coverage. My skin was flawless until I hit my late 20s’ and I got this “adult acne” – it isn’t all over my face and it is manageable but I still really dislike it and a little bit of makeup goes a long way!

This is a year round thing for me – and over the years I have been trying to develop a full routine that involves nothing but natural beauty products! I still haven’t been able to reach that goal but it has come a long way.

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Sometimes all I use is the tinted moisturizer to go out – on most days that I don’t have flare ups on my chin. But for the most part my days include all of the products seen in this photos!

Usually upon waking – I will wash my face with water and wait for it to dry. Once it’s dry I do an all over toner application and an acne treatment on my chin. Usually I will wait 30 seconds for this to dry and the first thing apply to my face is a combination mixture of the @bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (Color 5.5 Bamboo or 6.0 Ginger) and the @Beautycounter Dew Skin (No.3). I use a dime sized amount of the Complexion Rescue and two small drops of the Dew Skin. I mix them around in my fingers then apply it all over my face.

The Complexion Rescue is a hydrating gel cream – it is light weight and light coverage and I love it. The reason I mix it with the Dew Skin is because it has SPF 20 in it – sol purpose! I hadn’t tried this yet but found it quite heavy and oily. It is too dark to apply on it’s own but it acts as an additional moisturizer but I find it too oily.

After cleansing and moisturizing – its Brow time! My favorite part about my beauty routine! I use the @MAC Deep Brunette Veluxe Eyebrow Pencil first to brush out my brows – I don’t use the pencil side of this! I used too pencil my eyebrows until just over 3 years ago! When BIG BROWS started trending! After brushing through my already large and full brows – I fill them even more! The @Beautycounter Brow Gel in Medium Brown is used to fill and keep my brows shape all day! This stuff is wicked – it’s a tinter and a shaper all in one! And it’s a safer beauty product for your skin. I love what this company stands by.

Once my brows are done – I will either decide if it’s a day I need more or if I am feeling good with just my eyebrows done. Lots of days – just an eyebrow fill and a quick eyelash curl is all a girl needs! Filling your eyebrows does wonders. If I decide to keep going – I am now into my 3rd minute of makeup application and I will put a few spots of the @bareMinerals Bareskin in Medium onto any acne blemishes I want to hide. I don’t blend it in right away – but instead move onto curling my eyelashes with my @Revlon Eyelash Curler. I have had this one since Grade 8 and hope to have it until I am 65. I don’t use any special mascara – I am on the hunt for a more natural product line that carries a mascara that I like. The @Loreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Black is my favorite. I normally only apply to my top lashes – if I am going out after hours I will sometimes apply it to my bottom lashes.

Once the mascara is set – I blend in my Bareskin complete coverage serum concealer with my finger tip. I should probably use a brush so I am not spreading more oil and residue to these blemishes – but I don’t! This is likely one of the reasons why I get it done in 10 minutes. The concealer can also be used for the undereye if you want at this point.

Lastly – I apply the @bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush in “Beige for Days”. I use this as a bronzer and is another safer beauty product. I love this stuff – I was using MACs blush for the longest time until about 4 years ago. I made the change because my cheeks were getting really rosy almost like I was having an allergic reaction. Once I made the change – it stopped! I apply this bronzer on across both cheek bones, then I go up and down my nose, and a little bit on my forehead and across my lower jaw and chin.

If I am feeling kind of shiny – I will finish my makeup look with the @Lauramercier Translucent Setting Powder. I apply this with a beauty sponge – and then I am ready to head out the door! All of these products can be purchased for $250…and the eyelash curler and the eyebrow brush have lasted me years.

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