October’s Fave Finds

All right ladies and gents – we have gathered up our favourite finds for the month! Brett found some amazing measuring cups, and if I didn’t already own 3 different sets of measuring cups – I would be ordering these puppies. They have a whole line of kitchen accessories in this line. I’m thinking I might just donate my other sets and I’ll just drop some heavy hints for Christmas, and hopefully my man can catch on. She also picked my snake skin boots! I will never regret buying these. They are such an amazing price, and one of my favourite bloggers complimented them when I saw her at the NFR! So yeah – these are a must have in my eyes.

I want to take a minute to talk about the perfume I picked. I chose this because it obviously smells amazing, but there is such an interesting story behind the brand and their scents. This specific one if from a memory the creator has taking a walk on the beach in Calvi in 1972. I am a person who will remember scents vividly. I still remember what my first day of grade one smelled like. So I am really drawn to this line and all their scents because they are tied to beautiful memories for someone. They also have unisex scents – which I am a huge fan of. The ladies from Somewhere Lately have me hooked on these beautiful wineglasses from Crate and Barrel. However, I did find a set of 4 for a reasonable price from Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. Frankie Skim Jean Ankle Stretch Soulmate / 2. Bistro Tile Measuring Cups, Set of 4 / 3. Balloon Sleeve Sweater / 4. Keurig® K-Cafe™ Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker / 5. Design Lab – Cayla Snakeskin Chelsea Boot / 6. Name Choker / 7. Fucking Fabulous – TOM FORD perfume
  1. REMY Eucalyptus nesting tables / 2. ‘REPLICA’ Beach Walk – perfume 3. Oversized Soft- Brushed Coat / 4. Hailey Puffer Jacket / 5. Seagrass Baskets / 6. BodyWaver 1.75” Professional Ceramic Styling Iron / 7. Sweetie XS 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Bracelet / 8. 3-Wick Mercury Candle Wild Blackberry & Honey / 9. Level wine glass

We hope you get inspired by our finds and treat yourself to a little somethin’ something’. You all deserve to spoil yourselves. And to all the Moms out there – we made it through the first month of school and hockey season is upon us. So I recommend the wine glasses – haha!

Happy October Babes!

– Kaeli & Brett

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