Holiday Gift Guide…for the man in your life

We have carefully curated a list of gifts that we think the men in our life would love. And let’s face it, for the most part … men are all the same. So we are hoping you can draw some inspiration from out list to help you spoil your boo. Both of our guys have taken a liking to craft beer over the past couple years. So you know how we all probably subscribe to something like the fab fit fun box… well there is a subscription box for CRAFT BEER!!! The Canada Craft Club has a few different packages to pick from to suit any budget. They ship monthly, and you can chose how many months you want the subscription for. What guy wouldn’t want to receive a few bottles of hand picked craft beer just for him every month?!

Click the pic to view different package options

So now that your man has his monthly shipment of beer, he will be needing a stellar way to drink it. I found this Beer Flight set from Crate and Barrel. I love the idea of being to sample all the different beers without having to drink the whole bottle. Make sure to buy 2 of these so your guy can show off his new beer with friends.

Next up, and one of my personal favourites … personalized golf balls. I don’t know why, but all men are very particular with the balls they hit. Both of our spouses like to use Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. If you order from their website, you can personalize the balls. So every time he tees up, he can think of how thoughtful you are. The price point on these balls is a little high, but you can find refurbished ones at Wall-Mart for a fraction of the cost. These are great for stocking stuffers, or maybe you can pair it with an 18 hole pass to a local golf course and make a date night out of it.

This next gift is equally for me as it is for my man. There is something about a guy in a vest that makes me swoon. Maybe its the Paul Bunyan vibes, and I feel like he should be building me a log cabin in the woods somewhere and stoking a fire while growing the manliest beard ever. I love the reversible down vest from Patagonia. It comes in 5 handsome colours and I’m sure your guy will look amazing in any of them.

Okay, now here is a staple. Tried, tested and true. The gift that keeps on giving all year long – cologne! My favourite has to be Armani Code by Giorgio Armani. Right now at Sephora with a $40 fragrance purchase you will get a Nest candle (keep this one for yourself).

If you have a guy that likes to stay fit, a nice pair of Lululemon ABC Joggers would be the perfect gift. You could do a themed package with this gift as well. Add a S’well bottle and some new sneakers like these New Balance ones and you’ve got yourself a little fitness bundle. If you have a little more room in the budget, this is where you could add some AirPods to the mix. And the cherry on the cake … make him a running playlist!

Don’t let the shopping stress you out. Chances are, they will love whatever you decide to give them. I always like adding a little personal touch to the gift as well. Maybe something that will remind him of your first date together, or a framed picture of the two of you from one of your first holidays together. One year I was at a loss as to what to get Tyler for Christmas, so I googled thoughtful gifts. This was before Pinterest. I came across a deck of cards where each card has a reason why you love your partner. So I hand wrote 52 things I loved about him on a deck of cards, decorated the cards a bit, and wrapped them up with a pretty little bow. I was a little nervous to give it to him, as this was the first “cheesy” gift I had ever given. 12 years later, he still keeps that deck of cards in his nightstand. So go for the cheese girl! He will love it.

Hope these ideas take a little stress out of Christmas shopping for you!


Kaeli & Brett

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